How do we combat the global threat posed by coronavirus? With infection rates climbing, demands for a solution need to be met, and we may just have the answer.

With recently confirmed cases of coronavirus upward of 370 people in Italy alone, schools across the UK have started to shut down amid fears that pupils may have encountered the virus during school trips to northern Italy.

Fears of containment are even reverberating across the Atlantic. Director of the CDC’s National Centre for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, has claimed that it is ‘not so much a question of if… but rather more a question of exactly when’ the virus will spread to the United States of America.

Such concerns surely raise questions surrounding the global ability to contain the coronavirus within Europe, which seems increasingly unlikely as infection rates continue to climb. Within the environmental services sector, companies have been at the forefront of the debate surrounding effective coronavirus decontamination methods.

Efforts to contain the coronavirus have led to the vital conclusion that hydrogen peroxide-based vapour solutions are the most effective means to combat the virus. Our friends at DEVEA Environnement – manufacturers of The Phileas® range of biological decontamination equipment – offer a verified method of coronavirus decontamination against viral strains utilising a hydrogen peroxide-based solution. At Tecomak, we act as a primary global supplier of the Phileas® range to help provide infection control to those widely affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

The full Phileas® range has been authenticated to tackle viral strains such as CoViD-19 and achieve at least a four-log inactivation result. One notable case study involved testing undertaken by a virology laboratory under instruction of the Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé (ANSM).

This laboratory successfully tested the Phileas® system against coronavirus MERS in anticipation of a possible re-emergence of this virus type. Consequently, with the emergence of CoViD-19, DEVEA Environnement have since offered to supply the Phileas® range to Chinese hospitals to neutralise the virus at its source.

With at least twelve GP surgeries forced to close in the UK alone, the need for rapid and effective decontamination solutions could soon become not only a national but global necessity. As a UK agent of the Phileas® range, Tecomak has the means to provide specialist infection control against the coronavirus.

The quick set-up and autonomous control of these airborne decontamination devices ensure that the contagion is isolated and eliminated with little-to-no human contact. Vitally, the no-touch decontamination equipment ensures that easily spreadable viral/bacterial strains are restricted to a small infection area at the source.

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