The Modul@ir 1400 system comprises of standalone fan filter modules that can be installed separately or grouped together to form a large HEPA filtered laminar flow system providing ISO 14644 Class 5 air cleanliness.

The Modul@ir units are composed of a base module that can be adapted with a series of accessories and components that can create a customized solution.

The base module also has a structural function that reduces the number of standing supports or suspension points of the final assembled system.

General Description:
  • Constructed of stainless steel AISI 304 L scotch-brite finish.
  • Diffuser plenum made of special textile material that provides a good air velocity distribution across the work zone and reduces noise.
  • Filter diffuser grid constructed from AISI 304 L stainless steel
  • HEPA filter integrity test point fitted as standard.
  • External dimensions (mm) : 1400 x 700 x 600 (W x D x H)
Ventilation Performance
  • Double inlet centrifugal fan with nominal airflow rate of 1400 m³/hr and air velocity of 0.45 m/s measured 150mm below the filter diffuser grille.
  • All air is supplied by way of a H14 HEPA filter (99.995% efficient at MPPS as per EN1822.1.) Filter dimensions: 610 x 1220 x 69 mm
  • The installed HEPA filter is installed with a dynamic air tightness system that ensures contaminated air is not delivered into the clean zone but is captured by the fan, even in the case of leakage.
Safety Standards:

Modul@ir is designed to meet the following safety standards:

  • Machinery Directive: 2006/42/CE
  • Low voltage Directive: 2006/95/CE
  • EMC directive: 2004/18/CE
  • Safety of machinery – “General requirements of machines” – CEI EN 60204-1
Standard Accessories (further modifications are available):

Pre-filter Side PanelStainless steel panel, to be installed on the Modul@ir side, for pre-filter installation.

Pre-FiltersSet of pre-filters with stainless steel frame, G4 grade (average efficiency greater than 90% as defined by EN 779).

Blind Side PanelStainless steel panel, to be installed on the Modul@ir side, completely blind.

Magnehelic Side PanelStainless steel panel, to be installed on the Modul@ir side, complete with a pressure differential gauge to monitor the pressure drop of the filter.

LightingLighting kit for the working area under the Modul@ir. Designed to minimise disturbance of the airflow pattern.

Strip CurtainsThe strip curtains provide a physical separation barrier between the clean zone and outer area and also distribute the laminar flow to the work surface. The curtains extend to within 150 mm of the floor to allow the airflow to exit the clean zone at floor level, whilst preventing contaminated air from entering from the surrounding area. The curtains are made of 200mm wide transparent PVC strips and are hung from the perimeter of the Modul@ir. The curtains are easily removable for access.

Stainless Steel Support LegsThe stainless steel support legs are used as support system for Modul@ir. The number of legs needed to ensure a stable structure will be defined by the area and shape covered by the modules.

Remote Control BoardThe Modul@ir bases do not have any electrical board, only requiring two electrical terminals where the fan and the differential pressure switch are connected. In order to have a complete system we can supply a remote control board, made in stainless steel AISI 304, that can be installed on a wall or directly on a supporting leg.

The remote control is fitted with the following:

– Main switch
– Start and stop ventilation button
– Filter pressure alarm system
– Start and stop lighting button
– Internal adjustment switch for manual air velocity regulation

The size of the electrical board is 600x600x200 mm (WXHXD) and can be configured to control up to 12 modules. More modules require a custom board with bigger dimensions.

Automatic Airflow RegulationThis control device is available as an option to the remote electrical board and enables the fan speed to be controlled automatically providing a constant air velocity.

A Microprocessor based system receives a signal from a volumetric airflow sensor and adjusts the electrical power to the fans in order to keep constant the air velocity, allowing for clogging of the filters. The system has a display positioned on the remote electrical board with indication of the measured airflow and an alarm to indicate either high or low airflow. The system can be set up to the desired air velocity with a range of 0.2 m/s (min) up to 0.5 m/s.

FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

Each single Modul@ir is factory tested in accordance with our rigorous quality standards. This includes a fan performance test to ensure the design airflow performance is achieved, the fans are correctly balanced and vibration levels are within requirements.

The HEPA filters are individually tested and each Modul@ir is supplied with a test certificate with full details of each of the HEPA filters installed.

SAT (Site Acceptance Test)

After installation Tecomak can perform full IQ, OQ and PQ validation tests which include:

  • Laminar flow air velocity measurements.
  • Determination of the area cleanliness classification in accordance with BS EN ISO 14644.
  • Integrity testing of HEPA filters.
  • Airflow visualisation and video recording.

The base Modul@ir is supplied with the following documentation:

  • User and installation manual
  • HEPA filter certificate
  • CE certificate

The following additional documentation can be supplied on request;

  • User and installation manual of the whole system.
  • Design and as built drawings.
  • Wiring diagram including electrical schematic.
  • CE certification of the single system.