This autonomous model is specifically designed to treat small volumes.

The Phileas®25 is an independent unit for airborne disinfecting of surfaces, and operates by means of a centrifugation nebulising system. Strong and sturdy, it has been tested against both the 2009 O2safe+® or the 2014 models of both the NFT 72-281 (O2safe+® and Phileasafe®).

This unit has battery-powered programming cycles and offers the option of pre-programming. It can be operated remotely via tablet. Programs can be set quickly and easily.

Disinfecting very small spaces is a complex operation which requires precise and effective techniques to ensure the micro-organisms are eliminated. These micro-organisms could potentially be present on any surface or equipment.

The Phileas®25 is a compact airborne disinfection unit which is equipped with robust handles and can treat areas ranging between 3m3 and 40m3. The whole disinfection cycle ends in full degradation into free oxygen molecules and water, which are the only residues.


The Phileas®25 can be used in a range of healthcare locations, including all types of patient room and ward, surgical suites, maternity units, intensive care and high dependency units, and all clinical areas considered to be at risk. It is also suited for use in pharmaceutical and, and biotechnology applications, animal facilities, and the agriculture/food and cosmetic industries.

Both land and air ambulances and all other types of patient transport can also be disinfected with the device. It is equally suitable for disinfecting medical equipment, biosafety cabinets, isolators, incubators, freeze-dryers and sterilizing ovens, in addition to serving hatches and airlocks.

  • Excellent performance with a NiMh battery that lasts for 2hrs 30 minutes;
  • Battery charge time – 6 hours
  • Very little ongoing maintenance
  • volume of treatment – 40 cubic metres
  • Tank capacity – 500 ml
  • CE Compliant
  • Flow rate – 500 ml/h
  • Granulometry: 5 −> 10 μm
  • Materials are compatible with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).
  • Liquid Crystal Display Screen
  • Programming areas or equipment
  • Locking rotary foot
  • Multi-diffusion cycles
  • Absence of liquid for better security
  • Dimensions (L x l x h): 280 x 196 x 208 (mm)
  • Weight: 7kg