This unit is autonomous and designed for treating medium volumes

The Phileas®75 is a sturdy and reliable autonomous unit which disinfects surfaces, eliminating airborne micro-organisms. It has been fully tested and works by means of a centrifugation nebulizing system.

Precise, effective techniques are needed to ensure very small spaces are to be completely disinfected, as micro-organisms could be contaminating any walls, work surfaces, racks and lab equipment.

This airborne disinfection unit can be fully pre-programmed, meaning it can fully disinfect the smallest of spaces. You don’t even need an operator to be there during the process, as you can operate it remotely by tablet if you want to. Programs are quick and easy to set.

With its high treatment capacity, the Phileas®75 offers an ideal compromise between autonomy and mobility. Highly compact, its specially-designed telescopic handles and two wheels mean it is also highly portable. It specialises in disinfecting medium-sized volumes between 20m3 and 150m3. At the end of the disinfection cycle all you are left with are water and free oxygen molecules, with no other residue. The disinfectants O2safe+® and Phileasafe® are free from adjuvants.

  • Needs only minimal maintenance
  • Very quiet during operation
  • Maximum volume treated – 150 cubic metres
  • Flow rate – 1 200 ml/h
  • Tank capacity – 2L;
  • Granulometry – 5 −> 10 μm
  • CE Compliant
  • Materials compatible with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).
  • Programming areas or equipment
  • LCD screen
  • Locking rotary foot
  • Security absence of liquid
  • Multi-diffusion cycles
  • Dimensions (L x l x h): 280 x 196 x 208 (mm)
  • Weight: 7kg.

The Phileas®75 can be used in a variety of healthcare locations, including patient wards and individual rooms and bays, HDUs and ICUs, operating theatres, maternity units, and any clinical areas which are considered to be ‘at risk.’ This airborne disinfection unit can also be used in the pharmaceutical, agri-food and cosmetic industries, as well as biotechnology and animal facilities.