SafeHood – Recirculatory Filtration Fume Cupboards

The SafeHood is a recirculating fume cupboard designed to handle chemical vapours & aerosols, and fine airborne powders in the laboratory environment.

  • Manufactured in accordance with BS 7989, Afnor NFX 15211 and Etaf type 1 and 2.
  • Maximes energy saving on laboratory air conditioning in comparison to ducted models.
  • Provides an economic solution for low volume applications when a ducted extract system is not viable and necessary.
  • No influence on the balancing and control of air pressure levels in the laboratory.
  • Extra-large activated carbon filters with optimised granularity for the highest chemical specificity.
  • Microprocessor controlled airflow with average inflow speed display, airflow alarm and filter efficiency.
  • Unique filter clamping mechanism provides the highest air tightness between the filters and sealing face, together with a simple filter removal procedure.
  • Large choice of specific application activated carbon filters.
  • Choice of polypropylene, ceramic or stainless steel work surface with liquid containment.
Example applications:
  • Handling chemical substances in the laboratory.
  • Sample preparation for anathomo-pathology.
  • Rigid or flexible endoscope decontamination.
  • Handling of adhesives and solvents.
  • Handling of airborne powders and chemical aerosols.


  • Smooth operating sliding sash glass window provides easy access to the work area.
  • The glass side walls offer excellent visibility and ease of cleaning.
  • Integral fluorescent lighting.
  • Extremely low noise level induction exhaust fan.
  • Highest containment factor provided by the most sophisticated microprocessor controlled air speed regulation that maintains the barrier average velocity at 0.5 m/sec, independent of the sliding sash position.
  • Visual and acoustic alarm for low inflow velocity and sash position.
  • All electrical components are isolated from the air flow.
  • Optional dual exhaust safety filter (4kg).
  • Safety slot(s) on the front panel for visual filter(s) identification (in according with European safety regulation).
  • Pre-filters are provided as standard and are easily removable from inside the cabinet providing the highest operator safety.
  • Extra-large activated carbon filters with optimised granularity for the highest chemical specificity and efficiency.
  • Large choice of specific application filters.
  • Front working opening aerodynamically designed to ensure minimum turbulence whilst providing maximum containment.
  • Reduced speed function for standby application.
Technical Specification:

For technical information on the range of available carbon filters please click here:

{Charcoal filters for SafeHood}

SafeHood 75

Order Code FS200000

SafeHood 120

Order Code FS100000

SafeHood 165

Order Code FS300000


(W x D x H) mm

Work Chamber:

670 x 550 x 600

Overall Size:

750 x 720 x 1200

Height on Stand: 2050

Work Chamber:

1120 x 550 x 600

Overall Size:

1200 x 720 x 1200

Height on Stand: 2050

Work Chamber:

1570 x 550 x 600

Overall Size:

1650 x 720 x 1200

Height on Stand: 2050


Carcase: Epoxy painted cold rolled steel

Viewing Panels: Toughen Safety Glass

Worksurface: AISI 304 Stainless Steel, Ceramic or Polypropylene

Volume Flow:





Face Velocity:


> 0.4 m/s

(set point 0.5 m/s)

Main Carbon Filter:

1 x 12 kg

2 x 12 kg

3 x 12 kg

Safety Filter:


1 x 4 kg

2 x 4 kg

3 x 4 kg


(excluding filters)

95 kg

130 kg

180 kgs

Power Supply:

220 / 240 V – 50 Hz


420 Watts

800 Watts

1170 Watts

Noise Level:

< 57 dB (A)

< 59 dB (A)

Lighting Level:

>800 lux

>800 lux

>800 lux

Options & Accessories:

Safehood 75

Safehood 120

Safehood 165

Support Stand





work surface




Stainless steel

work surface





work surface




Additional vacuum tap


Additional gas tap