The S@feMate ECO
Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

The S@feMate ECO Class II Safety Cabinet series offers class leading levels of safety and reliability combined with the latest energy efficient, electronically controlled motor blowers that reduce noise and heat.

The S@feMate ECO is now the fastest selling microbiological safety cabinet in Australia, where the safety standards are more stringent (AS 2252.2).

If purchased in the UK from Tecomak, the Safemate ECO is covered by a 5 year warranty from the date of installation. This warranty includes parts (not consumables) and labour.

Class Leading Protection:
  • Fully compliant with the EN 12469 safety standard as independently tested and certified by TUV Nord – the leading testing agency in Europe.
  • Air and aerosol tight electrical sliding sash with unique “YZY” movement.
  • Microprocessor continuously monitors front barrier air flow for the highest operator safety.
  • Highest air flow stability both in terms of transitional disturbances and of progressive filter clogging.
  • Front air inlet grille is a recessed “V” profile in the work surface to prevent flow restriction from the user’s arms and clothing whilst working.
  • CE certification according to Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC, 91/368/EEC, 93/44/EEC 93/68/EEC.
  • Semi-automatic fumigation cycle (EN12297 tested and certified).
Low Energy, Low Noise & Heat Output:
  • Latest EC technology motor blowers reduce heat output and CO2 emissions.
  • “Silence Within” design: integrated methodology and technology for improved control of surface transmitted noise, reduction of noise at the source, elimination of noise propagation, and noise emission that guarantees the quietest environment conditions in your laboratory.
  • Noise level = 55 dB(A) with aperture fully open (ISO 11201, ISO 4871 and ISO EN 3744 tested and certified).
Excellent Ergonomics:
  • Sloped front for comfortable access.
  • Side windows for maximum illumination of the working area.
  • Completely closing, air tight, motorised sliding sash.
  • Sash can be swung open for easy cleaning of the work area.
  • Light intensity on work surface = 900 lux.
Easy to Clean:
  • Smooth internal surfaces.
  • Airflow laminator protects the filter surface during wipe cleaning.
  • Stainless steel three-piece worsurface is easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Sash can be swung open for easy cleaning of the work area.
  • Cleanability Index C grade.(EN 12296 tested and certified)
  • Hospitals (pharmacies, laboratories, surgical suites, haematology, oncology and pathology clinics).
  • Pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical, medical, stem cell, IVF and food manufacturing.
  • Universities, animal and research facilities.
S@feMate ECO Class II Biological Safety Cabinet Range:

S@feMate 0.9
Order Code LDD2200

S@feMate 1.2
Order Code

S@feMate 1.5
Order Code

S@feMate 1.8
Order Code

Dimensions of Work Chamber:
(W x D x H) mm

924 x 600 x 700

1230 x 600 x 700

1530 x 600 x 700

1840 x 600 x 700

Overall Dimensions:
(W x D x H) mm

1074 x 840 x 1450

1380 x 840 x 1450

1685 x 840 x 1450

1990 x 840 x 1450

Front Opening Height (mm):





Air Filter Grade:

H14 class HEPA filters with 99.999% efficiency at 0.3 micron particle size
(Most penetrating particle size). EN1822-1 and EN 13091:1999 tested and certified


150 kgs

190 kgs

230 kgs

300 kgs

Power Supply:





Noise Level:

< 49 dB (A)

< 50 dB (A)

< 53 dB (A)

< 55 dB (A)

Lighting Level:

> 900 lux

> 900 lux

> 900 lux

> 900 lux