TYPHOON TWIN – Italian Design & Innovation

The Typhoon Twin Fume Hood by LABOSYSTEM brings Italian design to the traditional fume cupboard. If you believe laboratories should have aesthetic appeal then…….

“Safety and Ecology evolved”

The constant search for innovation and the growing awareness that safety and ecology must play a fundamental role in a design to ensure its economic viability and sustainability has inspired LABOSYSTEM to explore new solutions with the Typhoon Twin range of collective protection equipment. During the development of the new Typhoon Twin fume hoods, the focus was not on the “product” so much as the “person”, so that any idea or action must comply not only with the applicable standards but also meet the current and, as far as possible, future needs of the professional user.

All the fume hoods in the Typhoon Twin range are constructed from top quality materials for maximum strength and chemical resistance. The total absence of porous materials, such as wood fibre, and the avoidance of the excessive use of painted sheet steel, which is subject to corrosion when used in areas with prolonged contact with aggressive chemicals, enhances the safety and the durability of the product.

Key benefits of the Typhoon Twin:
  • Economy Drive operating system.
  • Innovative solutions for the design and use of the internal spaces.
  • All services are intelligently positioned where they can be easily accessed by the operator.
  • LED interior lighting.
  • Surfaces protected with acid-resistant paint.
  • Side viewing panels and front sash are constructed from toughened glass.
  • Digital controller with 3″ screen and multi-language interface.
  • One-piece ceramic interior side shelves.
  • Condensate collection system installed to the exhaust air plenum.
  • Smooth internal linings with no exposed fasteners to aid easy the sanitation of surfaces.

The Typhoon Twin fume hood features integrated technology which allows the operator to choose the type of extraction to suit the intended use. The Economy Drive device reduces the volume of air drawn into the hood by 40 to 55%, leading to a significant reduction in energy consumption. In Hood Integrated Control mode, the controller boosts performance significantly above the usual level, ensuring adequate protection for all high risk operations.


The interior aerodynamics of the fume hood have been extensively tested using smoke generators and tracer gases to simulate the most extreme and hazardous operating conditions. The vents inside the working chamber enable speedier extraction of gases and fumes by effectively eliminating all turbulence. These performance features translate into a superior level of safety that will be immediately apparent to the first time user of the hood, thanks to the simplicity of the design and the comprehensive information displayed in real time on the LCD screen.

Ergonomics and innovation

The controls for the services (gases, air, cooling system and water) are all ergonomically positioned on the side pillar where they can be easily accessed by the operator without having to bend down or move away from the work surface. The interior work surface is deeper than usual to create a more spacious working area that can easily accommodate larger instruments. The internal sink for liquid disposal is located to one side on a specially designed one-piece ceramic panel.

The Hood Integrated Controller is at the centre of the control system. All the functions of the fume hood are managed by the controller, which provides simultaneous real-time information on the clear easy-to-read screen. This makes a significant contribution to the safety of the operator, who, without requiring any specific training, is kept continuously informed of the operational performance of the hood by the data displayed on the screen.

The system has an integral service schedule for programmed maintenance, and “info” key with clear instructions on every screen page. An “emergency” key is installed for use in case of accidents and there is the possibility to restrict access by password to ensure safe use. LED lighting is installed as this technology provides light in a wavelength spectrum that is less tiring for the eyes as well as being extremely energy efficient.