Tecomak provide a complete range of containment laboratory testing and maintenance services in the Research and Engineering sector. This includes filter integrity testing for HEPA and carbon filters, biological sampling, compliance testing and clean room maintenance.

Within the Research sector, containment labs (classes CL3 and CL4) are used to carry out testing of potential new drugs against a known pathogen, or to assess new strains of bacteria or virus as they arise in human or animal populations. The nature of the work means that highly infectious or contagious organisms are almost always present and the primary task is to ensure that risk to research staff is minimised within the lab, and that pathogens do not escape beyond the laboratory.

Our containment laboratory services are fully comprehensive covering all types of equipment and testing, but can be summarised into four key areas:

Filter Integrity Testing

Monitoring and control measures need to be especially strict in this type of facility and air filters form a primary line of defence, so filter integrity testing needs to be carried out regularly and accurately. Our service includes wall and ceiling filters in containment areas and adjoining airlocks, as well as filters attached to individual safety cabinets.

As well as carrying out tests we also provide a full maintenance service, including repair and replacement of filters and associated housing and ducting as required. We carry a full range of standard filters with us on test visits enabling immediate replacement where necessary; and all our personnel are able to carry out on-the-spot repairs in the majority of cases. This minimises the number of visits required as well as minimising facility downtime.

Certification and Compliance Testing

We carry out all testing required for clean room validation and compliance (e.g. GMP, HTM and COSHH), including safety cabinet and fume cupboard testing, quarterly or annually as required, and room sealability testing.

In addition to monitoring existing facilities we also assist in the design and commission of new facilities, helping to set and verify test and maintenance regimes.

Biological Sampling and Decontamination

Regular microbiological sampling is essential to maintaining and demonstrating the effectiveness of a laboratory’s containment measures, and Tecomak can undertake scheduled sampling as part of an overall testing regime. We can also carry out ad hoc sampling as required and, if necessary, full bio decontamination quickly and safely.

Maintenance and Repair

We provide a full containment laboratory and clean room maintenance and repair service, which often takes place at the same time as testing. Our staff are qualified to undertake electrical and mechanical testing, diagnosis and repair, so that faults can be identified and rectified usually within the same visit.