We design and install all types of chemically resistant PVC and polypropylene fume extract systems including those for fume cupboards and chemical store rooms.

We can also design bespoke enclosures and capture hoods for local exhaust ventilation.

PVC Ductwork Fabrication

Our fabrication engineers install PVC ductwork in accordance with HVAC DW/154. Using hot gas fusion welding, we fabricate high quality PVC ductwork to virtually any size and shape to fit all fume extract systems.

If you have an existing system that requires repair or upgrade we can help.


Chemical Store Rooms & Science Prep Rooms

Ensuring air quality is maintained in chemical stores and science prep rooms is straight SE2-3forward but fundamental to the wellbeing of staff and pupils.

We regularly investigate problems with new installations including those that comply with Building Bulletin 101. Complaints are generally of nuisance odours, high temperatures in the summer and noisy extract fans. The design of ventilation systems in these areas is often overlooked and the consequences suffered by science staff.

Solutions often involve:
  • Upgrading fan performance
  • Investigating airflow patterns
  • Installing high and low level air intakes
  • Installing fire rated air transfer grilles in doors
  • Extending points of discharge away from windows and intakes.
Installation and Consultancy

As well as carrying out testing and maintenance for existing fume extract systems, we can also advise on the installation of new systems as your needs evolve. We can help you to specify new systems to ensure they meet the latest standards, have the best possible energy efficiency, take account of total lifecycle costs and make best use of space. And we can carry out the installation, including the necessary compliance testing to get your new system into use as soon as possible.

Perhaps most importantly, because we are already familiar with your current systems we are well placed to advice on how any new installation might interact with existing systems in terms of space and ventilation required, helping you to plan your space.

With so many different types of LEV system under one roof, individual schools and colleges can find it hard to maintain in-house expertise on each one. But with Tecomak managing all your LEV systems together, combined with our free telephone consultancy service for all clients, you can have access to the right expertise whenever you need it.

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