Local Exhaust Ventilation testing and maintenance is vital in all healthcare environments to protect patients and staff from hazardous airborne contaminants. Tecomak offers a complete range of local exhaust ventilation testing services, as well as scheduled and emergency maintenance for all types of LEV system.

Our Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing & Maintenance Services

We test, maintain and repair all types of LEV system found in healthcare settings including:

  • Fume Cupboards
  • Micrbiological Safety Cabinets
  • Isolator Cabinets
  • Containment Laboratories (CL3 and CL4)
  • Patient Isolation Facilities
  • Pathology Dissection / Downflow Benches
  • Mortuary Extraction Systems

We carry out COSHH Thorough Inspection & Testing in accordance with the regulations on LEV COSHH testing and the HSE’s recommended practice as detailed by HSG 258 ‘Controlling airborne contaminants at work’.

Our engineers hold the British Occupational Hygiene Society P601 qualification to carry out LEV testing as recognised by the HSE, have completed NHS approved training for specialist ventilation and are CRB checked.

The Benefits of Tecomak’s LEV Testing Services

Choosing Tecomak to carry out your regular local exhaust ventilation testing combined with scheduled LEV maintenance offers a number of practical benefits:

  • Compliance – Consistent, expert testing ensures you meet all necessary legal and regulatory standards
  • Staff and patient safety – preventing airborne infection or contamination and improving clinical outcomes
  • Minimising downtime – Regular, scheduled maintenance helps to prevent unplanned breakdowns
  • Minimising cost and disruption – Using a single contractor to combine LEV testing services and routine maintenance into single visits is less disruptive to your schedule and keeps costs down.
  • Minimise admin overhead – We maintain an asset database of all your LEV systems, send you automatic reminders of planned visits and keep archived documentation on your behalf, saving on admin effort.
Routine Maintenance & Repairs

We have a mechanical and electrical skill base to rectify faults and upgrade existing plant if necessary. This will save you time and money managing a separate contractor.

  • Fan and ductwork repairs (PVC and metal)
  • Control system faults
  • Replacement filters and housings
  • Repair and installation of airflow indicators and alarms