The need for microbiological sampling within Research & Engineering laboratories varies widely depending on the focus of research and the type of materials being worked on.

In a biological research laboratory the work may involve a wide variety of different biological samples or pathogens, so that sampling is required on a regular basis to ensure containment measures are operating effectively. In this type of lab, the sampling will most usually be for specific organisms known to be present as part of the lab’s operations. It may also be required on an ad hoc basis following bio decontamination.

In other types of Research and Engineering environment the work is less likely to directly involve bio organisms, but lab owners nevertheless need to ensure low levels of biological contamination that could compromise the quality or performance of materials being researched or assembled (microelectronics, for instance). Here, bio sampling is primarily concerned with external sources of contamination and their possible build up – for instance, the presence of fungi spores in cold rooms.

Tecomak’s Microbiological Sampling Services

The service we provide varies according to the needs of each individual facility. This may involve microbiological testing against specific regulatory standards (e.g. GMP or HTM compliance), or to assist with implementing in-house standards required for quality control. Our wide experience of carrying out microbiological sampling for all types of sector and all types of facility means we have the expertise and equipment to deal with a variety of requirements, however unique they may be.

Our biological sampling service covers a full range of bacteria, virus and fungal organisms, using established methods and equipment including contact plates, settle plates and active air samplers. Our staff are trained in sampling techniques to ensure data is reliable and comparable across time and between different locations.

Once a sample has been taken at source, we then ensure that samples are transported securely and incubated correctly before being analysed and a report produced to document the results.

Many facilities need to conduct routine microbiological sampling in order to demonstrate sterility or other levels of cleanliness for quality control purposes – perhaps monthly, weekly or more often. This testing frequently falls to in-house staff – but Tecomak can assist by providing training and support for these staff, to ensure accurate testing. Alternatively, Tecomak can undertake this testing on a contract basis.

In addition to carrying out physical testing, Tecomak also provides a consultancy service, providing required documentation for new facilities, for instance, or helping facility owners to define and implement an appropriate testing regime.