LEV Services for Schools & Colleges

Tecomak offers a range of LEV services tailored to the needs of the Educational Sector.

We have a wealth of experience, designing and installing fume cupboards, local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and other specialist ventilation in schools and colleges since 1974.

Tecomak can ensure your systems are installed, tested and maintained at competitive rates whilst ensuring safety is not compromised.

Our Ventilation Services for Education

We provide a comprehensive range of ventilation services enabling you to benefit from a single contractor to cover all your specialist ventilation systems.

Testing – Testing fume cupboards and other specialist systems, such as LEV systems for woodworking and metalworking, is at the heart of ensuring not just compliance with standards such as COSHH, but also the safety and protection of students and staff. Our fully trained engineers offer a full range of fume cupboard testing services using approved methodologies, for all types of system. For clients on contract, we will maintain a database of all your systems and send you automatic reminders when local exhaust ventilation testing is due.

Maintenance & Repair – Good LEV and fume cupboard maintenance ensures continued compliance and safety in between annual tests. But it also minimises the chance of a breakdown which could be highly disruptive to the curriculum. Our engineers are able to assess and rectify both mechanical and electrical components and make replacements or repairs as necessary, including filter replacement, ductwork repair and so on.

Installation – As well as testing and maintaining your existing systems, our LEV services include installing new systems for you as your needs change. Our installation process includes a user requirements stage in which we assess the space in which the new system is to be installed, and advise on any issues which may need to be addressed – including possible interaction with existing systems.

Consultancy – Contract clients have telephone access to our ventilation system services experts at no charge, whether to enquire about the use of a particular system or to get advice on new facilities that you may be considering.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks

All engineers visiting schools, colleges or universities have undergone full CRB checks.

Providing Best Value

We keep costs to a minimum while still providing the level of LEV service you need. Because we can install, test and maintain all types of system, schools don’t need to find different contractors for different systems; having a single point of contact for all your systems means less admin for your management team.

We combine LEV maintenance and test visits wherever possible, and can usually carry out any necessary replacements or repairs in the same visit, all helping to keep down costs. We schedule routine visits out of term time, resulting in minimum disruption to your students and staff.