Phileas® manufacture some of the most effective decontaminants on the market, with their airborne units providing state-of-the-art protection against infectious organisms. They work by releasing tiny droplets of disinfectant into the atmosphere, and once the hydrogen peroxide decontamination process has been completed all you are left with are harmless oxygen molecules and water.

But which product is the most suitable one for your needs, out of the options available? At Tecomak Environmental Solutions, we provide decontamination services to many different types of facility. Here we explain the different locations and areas which the various Phileas® products are best suited to.

Larger Facilities

The Phileas® 250®, left, is ideal for larger facilities such as wards with multiple rooms, research facilities and industrial laboratories.

The unit has wheels, so can move freely to decontaminate a wide range of volumes, from 50m3 to 600m3. It can also be pre-programmed, so it doesn’t need an operator to be present while it completes its operational cycle.

The Phileas® 250® has been proven to be highly effective in eliminating harmful particulates, so it can be used to decontaminate areas which are designated as ‘high-risk’ such as intensive care units, high dependency units, operating theatres and maternity units.

Smaller Volumes

The Phileas® Genius®, right, is ideal for disinfecting smaller areas, between 0.25m3 and 10m3. Its rotating head and height-adjustable foot means it is highly flexible and can easily fit into confined spaces.

Safety cabinets, isolators, freeze dryers, sterilising ovens, serving hatches and double-door locks can all be decontaminated with one of these units. Like the Phileas® 250®, the Phileas® Genius® can also be operated remotely.

Medium Volumes

If you need to decontaminate comparatively small volumes (but not as small as the Phileas Genius) then either the Phileas® 25®, left, or the Phileas® 75®, right, could be suitable.

Both of them can handle patient rooms and wards, surgical suites, and high-risk areas such as ICUs and HCUs. The Phileas® 25® can also handle modes of patient transport such as land and air ambulances. Both can decontaminate medical devices including safety cabinets, incubators and freeze dryers, and can be used in pharmaceutical, biotech and agricultural sectors as well as in healthcare locations. The Phileas® 25® is suitable for decontaminating areas from 3m3 to 40m3, while the Phileas® 75® is effective in areas from 20m3 to 150m3.

Phileas – Effective for Coronavirus Decontamination

Efforts to contain the coronavirus have led to the conclusion that hydrogen peroxide-based vapour solutions, as provided by the Phileas® range, is the most effective method of coronavirus decontamination.

We are licensed primary global suppliers of the Phileas® range of hydrogen peroxide decontamination units which are made by DEVEA Environment. If you are in doubt as to which Phileas® product is best suited to your needs, then Tecomak Environmental Services will be happy to advise you.

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