To ensure reliable and efficient day to day running of your facility, scheduled clean room maintenance is essential.

Tecomak offers a complete and comprehensive maintenance and repair service for all aspects of your clean room including the ventilation system, fixtures and fittings and constructional fabric such as floors, ceilings and furniture.

Clean Room Maintenance – Tecomak clean room maintenance services – meeting your operational needs quickly and efficiently.

The Importance of Clean Room Maintenance

Unplanned downtime due to breakdowns and faults can prove to be expensive, costing dearly in both time and resources, possibly reducing shelf life and maybe even involving wastage of time critical samples and materials that were to be worked on.

Ensuring regular maintenance and conducting preventative maintenance will reduce the incidence of plant failure and production downtime. keeping your operations running smoothly. By appointing multi-discipline contractors that can deal with a wider range of tasks in the same visit can reduce downtime significantly. An engineer with both electrical and mechanical experience will often diagnosis and repair a fault more swiftly in the unfortunate event that a breakdown does occur.

Furthermore, a contractor that can validate the ventilation system and also decontaminate / sterilise the facility on completion will save time and ensure documentation is consistent.

Tecomak offer the full complement when it comes to clean room maintenance, with expertise in both mechanical and electrical elements, as well as in the maintenance of your fittings, fabric and finishes.

The mechanical aspects of your clean room facility are essential, especially when it comes to maintaining the optimum levels of containment and air cleanliness. . Mechanical elements that we can service and upgrade include:

  • Air handling plant including fans
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Duct work, dampers and other ancillary components
  • Control , alarm and access systems
  • Air filters (pre-filters, bag filters, HEPA filters and carbon filters)

Again, your electrical services and equipment are e vital to the integrity of your clean room facility. Whether it’s the control of differential pressure between rooms, access controls fitted to airlocks or fan speed control systems to regulate air changes we have the experience and knowledge.

Electrical plant that we can service or install include:

  • Pressure, temperature and humidity monitoring systems.
  • Fan speed and flow regulating control systems.
  • Door interlock and security systems
  • Particle monitoring systems
  • Lighting

And when it comes to your fittings, fabric and finishes, we offer a range of refurbishment services including:

  • Cleanroom grade paint or resin wall finishes
  • Doors and door furniture
  • Cleanroom grade furniture
  • Glazing and viewing panels
  • Vinyl and Resin flooring

The Clean Room Maintenance Services from Tecomak

At Tecomak we recognise that your clean room and its equipment are a business critical asset. We have developed our team of clean room maintenance professionals to offer multi skilled engineering with the ability to handle both mechanical and electrical issues helping to reduce the chances of wastage through breakdowns, maximising reliability to protect your operations and profitability.

Understanding the need for speed and efficiency, we cover a wide range of cleanroom related services from the routine maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to the repair and installation of monitoring, alarm systems and access systems as well as supplying cleanroom grade furniture, fixtures and fittings.

As with all of our services, we offer a bespoke service dependent upon your business needs, carried out by professionals and backed up with invaluable experience and industry specific qualifications. With our scheduled maintenance service, our team will take the time to understand the unique characteristics of your clean room facility, allowing for faster diagnosis and more rapid repairs, keeping you compliant, operational and reducing loss of profit.

Clean Room Maintenance – Choose Tecomak for your scheduled clean room maintenance and emergency repair.