If you are considering installing a CO2 incubator, Tecomak Environmental Services can supply this

equipment, manufactured by leading firm EuroClone. As well as expert installation, we also provide full maintenance and servicing, to ensure this sensitive equipment performs as it should.

What is a CO2 Incubator?

In an industrial or medical laboratory where work is carried out with cell cultures, a carbon dioxide incubator can provide a stable environment and ensure this is maintained. Stringent conditions need to be in place for this type of application, including the optimum temperature and pH, a high level of moisture and a sterile environment. When the media contains carbonate buffer, the CO2 gas from the cylinder needs to be let into the incubator in such a way that the pH remains constant.

CO2 incubators can be used for more routine applications such as cell cultivation, as well as for specific

protocols such as IVF and stem cell applications. This includes oocyte collection and preparation, pre-implantation diagnostics, embryo transfers and sperm preparation.

Essential Features

There are various important features which this type of incubator needs to have. These include:

Temperature: Maintaining an accurate and even level, which is essential for consistent results between batches and to avoid the effects of temperature fluctuations. In tissue culture there is often a need to simulate the normal environment of the culture, for instance by maintaining a level of 37 degrees to match a healthy human temperature.

CO2 and Humidity Levels: The level of CO2 is also critical, and needs to be controlled and maintained precisely to create the right conditions for the cell cultures. A constant level of high humidity is another key factor to ensure the correct environment.

Monitoring: All these vital factors must be carefully tracked, to keep operators fully informed and ensure that, if any fluctuation does occur with levels of CO2, temperature or humidity, it can immediately be flagged up. The ideal therefore is for the unit to incorporate clear controls which display all the current parameters, so that staff do not constantly have to check each protocol separately.

Preventing Contamination: When working in a facility where critical applications are carried out, such as work with embryos, it is essential that any risk of contamination is minimised. This means equipment must be easy to clean, so that a sterile atmosphere can be maintained without unnecessary loss of staff time. An automatic self-decontamination facility with a high heat sterilisation cycle is desirable, as this can be run before a cell culturing cycle begins, to give an extra assurance that no contamination is present. Alarms are also essential to alert operators to any problem with the conditions within the incubator or the failure of a key component.

Size, Durability and Reliability: For applications where large trays of samples or cultures are required, it is important that the incubator has enough usable space. Also, with this key equipment, any unscheduled downtime could have serious effects, meaning that research is delayed or cell cultures are lost. It is therefore essential that incubators are reliable, and can be cost-effectively maintained.

S@feGrow EN 188

The S@feGrow EN 188 CO2 incubator has all the above features and more, making it an ideal choice for facilities which work with all types of cell and tissue cultures. It maintains an exact temperature level, via four direct heating elements which all have their own independent controls. There is also independent overall temperature control. The carbon dioxide is kept to a precise level via an infrared sensor and controller, and a level of 95% humidity is ensured by use of a heated steel tray.

To ensure constant performance is maintained, the cabinet has a display control panel giving instant information on the unit’s status. As additional safeguards, there are also both sound and visual alarms which can be programmed to warn of any problem with the conditions within the incubator.

To keep any risk of contamination to a minimum, the S@feGrow is constructed from hygienic materials including high grade seamless stainless steel. It is equipped with an automatic decontamination programme which can be run overnight before a cycle of culturing begins. The inner chamber has a large 188.6 litre space with 140 litres of usable capacity, larger than that offered by any other carbon dioxide incubator. Customisation is offered to meet your exact requirements.

CO2 Incubators from Tecomak

As official UK distributor and service agent for EuroClone, Tecomak supplies the S@feGrow CO2 incubator. In addition to installation, we also offer a full testing and maintenance service. We can install other key lab equipment such as safety cabinets, as well as providing a whole range of cleanroom services.

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