Choosing a biological decontamination provider for your hospital or healthcare facility, laboratory, cleanroom or industrial premises is an extremely important decision. You need to be sure that you can rely on the company you choose.

Tecomak have many years of experience working with healthcare providers across the UK. Here we will look at the main points to consider when choosing a contractor to provide you with these essential services.


It is vital that decontamination is carried out effectively, to prevent any further occurrences of contamination in the workspace. If the process is ineffective, it is likely that some contaminants, such as germs and bacteria, could still be present.

In hospitals, this means patients, staff and visitors could all be vulnerable to infection from superbugs like MRSA and the Norovirus if a ward or operating theatre has not been decontaminated properly. In the pharmaceutical sector, companies run the risk of their products being contaminated, putting consumers at risk.

Experience and Reliability

Knowledge of the sector is essential, as you can rely on a company which has previous experience of cleanrooms, laboratories and other healthcare facilities, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. This will enable them to advise you of any problems which may occur, and what your options are going forward.

You also need to be sure that your provider complies with all the relevant regulations. For instance, HTM 03-01, a health technical memorandum which applies to all hospitals and healthcare facilities, requires the keeping of accurate logs at regularly scheduled intervals.

Minimising Downtime

Hospitals can’t afford to have any areas out of action for long periods – in the case of operating theatres, it could mean that lifesaving surgical procedures are delayed or postponed. If wards need decontaminating, it is likely to mean the loss of much-needed beds while the work is carried out.

You also need to be sure that the company you choose can work around your own needs. So you should check on their ability to ‘troubleshoot’ issues effectively, and if they offer an around-the-clock emergency service. And will they be able to work around you, for instance at weekends or during the night, possibly when the facility is not being used as frequently?

You should also check on the type of substances being used in the decontamination process, because some methods leave toxic residues behind. This leads to a further delay before staff and patients are allowed to return to the area.

Cost Effectiveness

Those in the healthcare sector are often under a lot of pressure when it comes to delivering quick results and only have a small budget to work from. They require a fast, cost-effective service where money is not being spent unnecessarily

In addition to the cost of the actual service, you need to make sure that the method of bio decontamination being used does not damage your expensive equipment and the working environment.

Biological Decontamination Services from Tecomak

Tecomak Environmental Services has been providing a top-quality biological decontamination service for clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries for more than 20 years, with many of our long-standing customers happy to recommend us to others.

We use iHP (ionised Hydrogen Peroxide) decontamination to keep downtime to a minimum and this method is highly effective at removing any contaminants. Its six log reduction process reduces microbial contaminants to below detectable levels. After use, the iHP separates into non-toxic residues of oxygen and water, meaning it is not dangerous to people, and won’t damage any equipment or furniture.

Tecomak always keep full client records on our database, so we can easily keep track of all their past history. We archive all our reports for eight years and can re-issue any of them on request at no extra charge.

We are fully aware of all the budgetary constraints facing the healthcare sector – and that the pharmaceutical industry can’t afford to have facilities out of action for a long period of time either. So we will always look to provide the most cost-effective solution for all our clients.  We can work around you on an as-needed basis or under contract terms based on your requirements. Follow the link to find out more about our biological decontamination services today.