Airborne decontamination solutions are widely acknowledged as being the best way of ensuring high levels of cleanliness in sensitive areas such as cleanrooms, labs, research facilities and production areas.

Tecomak uses a range of high-quality hydrogen peroxide bio decontamination units from Devea’s Phileas® range. Here we look at the key advantages which our bio decontamination services offer for healthcare providers who need to keep their environments clean of any infection or bacteria. We also explain why you should choose us as your service provider.

High Levels of Effectiveness

All the Phileas® hydrogen peroxide bio decontamination units which we use are highly effective, using state-of-the-art technology. They utilise a spinning disc method which diffuses the disinfectant liquid into droplets, all accurately calibrated. This can be diffused into the area you need to treat in the form of a dry fog.

This method can be used to reach even relatively inaccessible areas quickly. It is ideally suited to getting rid of pathogens including superbugs such as MRSA and C Difficile, and other bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses.

Environmental- and User-Friendliness

Phileas units are one of the safest and greenest ways of decontaminating your lab, cleanroom or healthcare facility. The disinfectants used in this process, O2safe+® and Phileasafe®, do not need to use adjuvants. As a result, once the bio disinfection is completed, all you are left with is oxygen and water.

The units use low amounts of energy, adding to their green credentials, while another advantage in terms of user-friendliness is that they can be automated, so the process can be carried out without an operator needing to be within the area being treated.

High Safety Levels

Areas containing stainless steel, ceramic tiles, glass, vinyl and any other non-porous surfaces are all ideal for decontamination, as the process will clean the surface and leave it undamaged. Individual items of equipment, from filters to larger items such as electronic machinery or medical equipment, can all be left in situ.

This helps speed up the whole process, as it means that you don’t have to spend time clearing the room or laboratory before you start, while ensuring that your equipment is decontaminated as well.

Speed of Use

It is vital that any decontamination procedure is as quick as possible, for both private industry and the healthcare sector. In the case of the former, any time a facility is out of action is potentially costing the company money, and delaying your services to clients. And, in the case of the latter, treatment could be delayed or research compromised if the cleaning process takes a long time.

Phileas has fast cycle times, making it a much quicker method of decontamination than many competitors. And the disinfectants do not take long to break down into oxygen and water either, meaning the facility will soon be ready for use again.

It is quicker than vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) decontamination, which only works effectively in ‘dry’ conditions, so the area needs to be properly prepared beforehand. VHP also takes a lot longer to decompose, and it shouldn’t be used on absorbent materials, iron and other ferrous metals, because of its reactive properties.

Choosing Tecomak Environmental Services for Your Bio Decontamination

Another way you can cut down on any loss of time is to choose Tecomak Environmental Services to decontaminate your laboratory or cleanroom. Our team of fully-qualified, highly experienced engineers can be with you extremely quickly – and in under two hours if you choose our rapid response service.

Our services are available on either a fully contracted or an ad hoc basis, depending on your individual requirements. If you would like to know more about our bio decontamination services, which also include supplying Phileas® hydrogen peroxide fogging machines, you can call us on 01732 852250 or Contact follow this link and fill in the online form.