Now that the coronavirus lockdown may soon be lifted, businesses face the problem of ensuring their workplaces are safe places for their employees to return to.

Tecomak Environmental Services now offer office decontamination services, as well as disinfecting hospital and healthcare locations. This high-quality, cost-effective service will provide you and your staff with peace of mind.

Where It Can be Used

One of the many advantages of the various Phileas® airborne disinfection units we use is that they can be pre-programmed to work remotely, so you don’t need to be physically present in the room during the operating cycle.

The units are particularly suitable for areas where there is a high footfall, such as communal areas in serviced offices, where it is easy to maintain social distancing and there is a higher risk of cross-contamination.

All you need to do is run a cycle outside of normal office hours to ensure that all shared zones remain decontaminated. After our initial site visit, we will supply the correct PPE equipment and appropriate training, as well as the Phileas® units themselves, so you can carry out the decontamination procedure on a regular basis without the need to call us in.

This method is extremely cost-effective, particularly for larger businesses, as initial reports suggest that some lockdown measures are likely to remain in place for several weeks (maybe even longer) until a vaccine against the coronavirus is developed and ready for distribution.

Hospitals Still a Prime Focus

At Tecomak Environmental Services we are continuing to ensure that all areas of hospitals are safe places to work. This includes wards with coronavirus patients, as well as operating theatres, maternity units and high dependency and intensive care units. If hospitals need to convert other areas into COVID-19 wards, then the operating cycle of all the Phileas® units creates a negative pressure, preventing any cross-contamination.

Phileas® units are also suitable for decontaminating dental surgeries, which are currently open for emergency work only.

It’s Highly Effective

Phileas® units use the hydrogen peroxide method of decontamination, which means they produce a fine fog which spreads throughout the room at a uniform level, ensuring that all areas are reached.

If there are any particularly inaccessible spots, such as underneath or inside items of equipment such as safety cabinets or freeze dryers, then the Phileas® Genius® can get into smaller spaces.

All of this means that it can deliver a six-log reduction of all enveloped viruses, not just COVID-19.

It’s Officially Recognised

The Phileas® airborne disinfection units have been commended by Public Health England, and studies commissioned by the Health and Safety Executive have shown they are the most effective hydrogen peroxide decontamination systems currently on the market.

They have been validated to AFNOR NFT 72-281, the French standard which has now been adopted across Europe, and they are also compliant with the latest Biocidal Products Regulations. In China, at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Phileas® units were approved by China’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention for use against COVID-19.

Office Decontamination from Tecomak Environmental Services

If you not sure what type of Phileas®  products are best suited to your needs, follow this link. If you are interested in either our hospital or office decontamination services, call us on 01732 852250.

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