Hydrogen peroxide decontamination for rooms up to 250m3. NF T 72-281 compliant.

The Phileas®250 is a high-powered, robust and compact unit, used for the airborne disinfection of surfaces. It operates through a system for centrifugation nebulising. Full testing of the model has been carried out against the 2009 O2safe+® or 2014 versions of the NFT 72-281 (O2safe+® and Phileasafe®). Disinfection can be pre-programmed and remotely controlled if required, with no need for an operator to be physically present in the disinfecting area. Thanks to its wheels, it can move freely to disinfect a wide range of volumes (ranging from 50m3 to 600m3). Designed for use in industrial sites and laboratories with large volumes, it can treat multiple rooms at the same time. The powerful distribution provided by its two modules ensures a fine, homogeneous mist. It measures the weight of the diffused liquid and so is extremely accurate. The disinfection cycle ends in full degradation into free oxygen molecules and water, with no other remaining residue. Both the disinfectants O2safe+® and Phileasafe® used, are free from adjuvants.

  • Very quiet
  • Needs very little maintenance
  • volume of treatment – 600 m3
  • Flow rate – 3 L/h;
  • Granulometry – 5 −> 10 μm
  • Tank – Either 5L or 10L capacity
  • Materials compatible with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
  • CE Compliant.
  • LCD Screen,
  • Robust Ergonomic Handles and Wheels,
  • Programming areas or equipment,
  • Automatic flow control,
  • Security absence of liquid,
  • Dimensions (L x l x h): 825 x 250 x 812 (mm),
  • Weight: 25kg.

The Phileas®250 can be used in healthcare locations, the pharmaceutical, agri-food and cosmetic industries, plus biotechnology and animal facilities. Specific areas where it can be used include patient rooms, ICUs and HDUs, operating theatres, maternity units, and any clinical area designated as ‘high risk’. Manufacturing facilities, parking rooms, special access zones and stabling areas can also be disinfected with this product.