Phileas® 250 – designed for demanding industrial environments and research laboratories with large volumes.

A step-up from the Phileas® 75, the Phileas® 250 enhances the disinfectant capabilities compared to other products in the Phileas® range. Utilising the same dry-fog centrifugation nebulising system as others in the range, the Phileas® 250 is capable of tackling a multitude of applications found in pharmaceutical, cleanroom and food production environments. Thanks to its twin diffusion-head setup, the Phileas® 250 is able to treat several rooms at once as well as long corridors and has been rated to treat volumes ranging from 50m3 up to 800m3.


This method of delivery ensures homogenous dispersal of the biocide via a dry fog throughout the areas being disinfected. Crucially, Devea’s biocide effectiveness has been validated by the Marketing Authorisation AMM FR-2019-071, and all devices are compliant with BS EN 17272:2020.


The key feature of the Phileas® 250 is its large dispersal volume. The system has been specifically designed to tackle numerous rooms/areas at once, reducing setup time and ensuring that larger areas are able to be disinfected to the same high standard homogenously, as required.


Once positioned, the unit can be pre-programmed and can run autonomously without the need for an operator to be physically present. The unit is operated via mains supply and has added diffusion capacity, thanks to its integrated ten litre biocide tank. This again reduces downtime, setup and maintenance costs thanks to the added capacity of the system.


Moreover, the device can be connected via Bluetooth and remotely controlled via a tablet running the MyPhileas® app. This reduces any potential risk of an operator becoming exposed to the biocide during an active disinfection cycle. Volume totals and zone designations can be entered into the app to allow accurate mapping of the areas due to be disinfected. This fully remote pre-programming feature not only ensures accuracy, but also traceability; a diffusion report is downloadable directly from the MyPhileas® app once a diffusion cycle ends. This entire procedure has been verified to comply with Title 21 CFR Part 11 & GMP Annex 11, covering the following:


  • Audit trails.
  • Complete traceability of the diffusion information.
  • Double authentication.
  • Restricted access according to the user profile.


The entire disinfection process is non-corrosive, ensuring that equipment and users are kept safe. Additionally, no residual hazardous substances remain following the disinfection process – only free oxygen molecules and water.


Key Features of the Phileas® 250

  • Twin diffusion-head allowing multiple rooms to be treated at once.
  • BS EN 17272:2020 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Autonomous running – mains operated.
  • Remote connectivity via MyPhileas® app for complete disinfection programming and running.
  • Clear to view LCD screen.
  • Liquid inlet error notification.
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance.


Product Specification

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 839mm x 250mm x 813mm
  • Weight – 17kg.
  • Treatable volume – 50m3 up to 800m3.
  • Flowrate – 3L/h
  • Biocide tank volume – 10L.
  • Runs up to 5 disinfection cycles.
  • Power consumption – 120 W.

Data sheet Phileas 250

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