Phileas® Genius – hydrogen peroxide decontamination for small enclosures.


The Phileas® Genius is the most compact of the Phileas® range of Airborne Surface Disinfection (ASD) devices. Perfect for disinfecting smaller volume spaces, this lightweight machine is the ideal choice for regular disinfection/fumigation of small cabinets/enclosures found in the pharmaceutical, food and laboratory markets. The range of treatable volumes that the Phileas® Genius has been rated to meet is from 0.5 m3 up to 5 m3.

As with the entire Phileas® range, the Phileas® Genius operates through a centrifugation nebulising system, which ensures homogenous dispersal of the biocide via a dry fog throughout the area being disinfected. Crucially, Devea’s biocide effectiveness has been validated by the Marketing Authorisation AMM FR-2019-071, and all devices are compliant with BS EN 17272:2020.

The compact Phileas® Genius has been specifically designed to treat smaller volumes whilst ensuring maximum efficacy (6-log10 kill reduction). The foot support allows for easy position and height adjustment to cater to the application at hand. Once positioned, the unit can be pre-programmed and can run autonomously without the need for an operator to be physically present. This can be carried out with the supplied battery capable of running for 1 hour 20 minutes before requiring charge.

Moreover, the device can be connected via Bluetooth and remotely controlled via a tablet running the MyPhileas® app. This reduces any potential risk of an operator becoming exposed to the biocide during an active disinfection cycle. This fully remote pre-programming feature not only ensures accuracy, but also traceability; a diffusion report is downloadable directly from the MyPhileas® app once a diffusion cycle ends. This entire procedure has been verified to comply with Title 21 CFR Part 11 & GMP Annex 11, covering the following:


  • Audit trails.
  • Complete traceability of the diffusion information.
  • Double authentication.
  • Restricted access according to the user profile.


The entire disinfection process is non-corrosive, ensuring that equipment and users are kept safe. Additionally, no residual hazardous substances remain following the disinfection process – only free oxygen molecules and water.


Key Features of the Phileas® Genius

  • Compact design – perfect for smaller applications/enclosures found in a variety of environments.
  • BS EN 17272:2020 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Autonomous running – NiMh battery and charger (supplied) or mains operated.
  • Remote connectivity via MyPhileas® app for complete disinfection programming.
  • Clear to view LCD screen.
  • Liquid inlet error notification.
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance.


Product Specification

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 280mm x 255mm x 226mm
  • Weight – 7kg.
  • Treatable volume – 0.5m3 up to 5m3.
  • Flowrate – 400 ml/h
  • Biocide tank volume – 250 ml.
  • Runs up to 20 disinfection cycles.
  • Power consumption – 45 W.

Data sheet Phileas Genius

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