Tecomak has provided a fume cupboard service since 1973 and has a wealth of experience with all types of fume cupboard installation and design from constant volume, variable air volume (VAV), to recirculating and special applications including radioactive and flammable ATEX certified systems.

We are authorised agents for many leading fume cupboard manufacturers. We have a passion for good design and always aim to offer a fume cupboard service package we believe provides the client with the most appropriate solution to the application. Careful selection of constructional materials and thorough holistic design ensure long term safety and reliability.

Tecomak has the expertise to design bespoke solutions including:

  • Energy efficient variable flow systems with low exhaust flowrates.
  • High efficiency carbon filtered and scrubber systems.
  • Fine powder systems with safe change HEPA filtration suitable for 100% recirculation
  • Extra-large fume cupboards with working apertures over 2m.

We can install not only fume cupboards and extract systems but also air make-up and laboratory ventilation systems, air conditioning, matching laboratory furniture and act as main contractor for the project. Over the years we have developed an excellent supply chain for all associated trades including structural design, builders, control systems, specialist gas installations, fire trace and gas monitoring systems to name a few.