Bio decontamination services are frequently required for a wide range of healthcare, pharmaceutical and research facilities where high levels of cleanliness are required to prevent a risk to health through exposure to biological pathogens. These facilities include:

  • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Production Areas
  • CL3 and CL4 Containment Laboratories
  • Hospital Isolation & Critical Care Areas
  • Tissue Culture Labs and Blood Banks
  • Animal Facilities and Research Labs
  • Fermentation Suites

While contamination of healthcare facilities such as operating theatres, intensive care unit and isolation units presents a direct risk to patients or staff, in other types of clean process the risk can be to the purity or safety of equipment or pharmaceuticals being produced.

Some methods of bio decontamination can be disruptive, requiring the use of toxic chemicals, involving delays while chemicals disperse to safe levels as well as presenting a risk to laboratory staff and decontamination personnel. Others can be damaging to sensitive materials or electronics, requiring such equipment to be removed from the area prior to treatment. As well as adding to the time required, this clearly compromises the decontamination process itself.

Tecomak provide a range of on-site biological decontamination and sterilisation services that can deliver a 6-log reduction of viruses, spores and fungi. We validate the efficacy of our decontamination process using stainless steel biological indicators that are populated with sixlog Geobacillus Stearothemophilus spores.

Tecomak can provide bio decontamination and cleanroom services on an as-needed basis or under contract terms based on your requirements.

A new, high-tech method of airborne disinfection is to use the Phileas® range of hydrogen peroxide vapour machines. The range includes models suitable for many different applications and facilities, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals and laboratories.