Tecomak has been providing validation and maintenance solutions to the Pharmaceutical and BioTech Industry for 15 years, including cleanroom services.

Our aim is to develop and maintain partnerships with our clients to ensure robust compliance whilst delivering long term savings over Original Equipment Manufacturers and our competitors.

We regularly review our procedures, products supplied and report documentation to ensure continual improvement is made across the range of cleanroom services we offer.

Cleanroom Validation

Whether for research or production, most pharmaceutical processes require cleanroom conditions either to protect workers from potentially harmful chemicals or pathogens, or to ensure the integrity and purity of a product, or both. Tecomak carry out regular cleanroom testing to ensure safety, compliance and minimum disruption to your research or production schedules.

Airflow Visualisation

Correct airflow patterns within a cleanroom environment are essential to ensure that contaminants are removed from the space as intended. We carry out airflow visualisation allowing facility managers to diagnose problems that may be arising from unintended airflow, such as contamination hotspots within a room.

Air Filters & Spares

We supply, test and install all types of HEPA and Carbon air filters for use in a wide range of cleanroom and extraction facilities. We perform DOP testing as required for cleanroom validation and bring spares with us on test and maintenance visits to minimise delays should a replacement be required.

Cleanroom Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades

Our engineers are fully qualified to test, diagnose and repair both mechanical and electrical systems within a cleanroom. This results in faster and more accurate diagnosis, as well as faster repairs, resulting in minimised downtime for your facility.

Technical & Consultancy Services

We can advise on all aspects of your cleanroom and extraction systems, from the design of new facilities to the upgrading of existing facilities.

Microbiological Sampling

We carry out microbiological sampling for facilities requiring compliance with GMP and HTM 03-01, either as part of the validation process or at other times as needed.

iHP Decontamination

We use TOMI ionised hydrogen peroxide decontamination system for fast, effective sterilisation of cleanrooms or other spaces where contamination is suspected or known. Non-toxic and materials safe, iHP decontamination can have your facility back in use within hours.