We offer a complete range of clean room services for ventilation systems serving pharmacy aseptic clean rooms and other facilities that have controlled clean processes needing to be monitored and routinely validated to ensure MHRA compliance.

Features of Our Clean Room Service

We understand the importance of regulatory compliance and take quality of service very seriously. Our clean room services are designed to retain clients for as long as possible and we do this by:

  • Delivering professional documentation to ensure GMP cleanroom compliance
  • Providing rapid response to breakdowns and other call outs
  • Ensuring we have an accommodating and friendly approach
  • Providing a complete range of engineering support services
  • Maintaining competitive rates.

We also understand that while compliance and safety are paramount, our clients also need to manage costs effectively. Using Tecomak helps to minimise costs, firstly by ensuring that our rates are competitive and secondly by providing a complete clean room service – so you don’t have to manage one company to perform testing and verification of critical ventilation and another to carry out clean room maintenance and repairs, for example.

Facilities Requiring Clean Room Services

Our technical expertise extends to all types of healthcare related clean processes and we can provide full clean room services for:

  • Sterile and Aseptic Production
  • MHRA licensed facilities
  • Heart Valve Banks
  • Assisted Conception
  • TPN and Cytotoxic
  • Nuclear Medicine and Blood Labelling
  • Gene and Cell Therapy

Typical performance tests we undertake as part of our clean room service includes:
  • Airflow velocity measurements
  • Differential pressure testing and room balancing
  • Room air change rate calculation
  • HEPA Filter integrity leak testing (DOP Test)
  • Airborne particulate cleanliness monitoring
  • Room recovery performance testing
  • Temperature & humidity monitoring
  • Construction joint integrity testing
  • Air pattern recording
  • Room sealability testing
  • Lighting & noise level checks
  • LAF cabinet testing