Tecomak Environmental Services is a service company for specialist ventilation used within critical environments and for contamination control.
We provide first class services to the Healthcare, Laboratory Research, Pharmaceutical and Biotech markets.

Established in 1995, Tecomak Environmental Services was formed from the service department of Tecomak Limited to offer test and maintenance of contamination control equipment and specialist ventilation systems installed in laboratories and cleanroom ventilation. Since commencing operations, we have grown to become one of the UK’s leading service companies for specialist ventilation across an ever increasing market place.

Tecomak is focused on delivering a consistent, first class service with a simple aim – to build long term partnerships with our clients and partners based on integrity and honesty. Through continual development of our staff and operating practices we endeavour to achieve the highest levels of customer service in the industry.

Tecomak is the UK distributor for EuroClone Contamination Control Equipment and LABOSYSTEM laboratory products.

About EuroClone

EuroClone has over 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing contamination control equipment. Our products which include biological safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, isolators, fume cupboards and CO2 Incubators are currently sold in over 70 countries around the world.

EuroClone S.p.A. was founded in 1985 with the aim of becoming a reference supplier for the Italian scientific community of biotechnology, diagnostics and medical consumables and equipment. With a turnover in excess of 30 million Euro,EuroClone has become one of the major players for the Italian market in biotechnology supplies, serving over 2000 customers, and a well-established brand in the international marketplace.

Bioair is a leading brand of Contamination Control Equipment that was incorporated by EuroClone in 2006 after having progressively invested in the company since 1997. The company manufacturing the Bioair range of contamination control equipment (Microbiological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Flow Hoods and Recirculation Fume Hoods) was originally founded in the late sixties by Gelman Instruments. The Company manufactured and marketed throughout the seventies Contamination Control Equipment (CCE) under one of the most prestigious European brands: Gelaire. During the eighties, after being taken over by Flow Laboratories, the penetration in Europe of the Gelaire products grew further and the Company became the first European manufacturer of Biosafety Cabinets. In the early nineties another company acquired Flow Laboratories, retained the use of the Gelaire brand and disposed of their equipment manufacturing operations, by selling them as part of a package to the factory managers and workers. They named the new company Bioair and managed, through hard work and dedication, to keep the tradition and the skilfulness in CCE manufacturing alive and the sales of their products well established in main European markets.

Since the incorporation by EuroClone, Bioair branded products have become a common feature in laboratories throughout the world excelling in safety standards and quality.

For further company information please view: www.euroclonegroup.it