The Haier Biomedical Range
Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet

The Haier Biomedical range of biological safety cabinets are the perfect solution for a variety of applications. From microbiological work to biomedicine and general research use, the Haier range available through Tecomak guarantees quality and reliability.

The HR1200-IIA2D, Haier Biomedical’s Class II option, offers three levels of protection; operator, product and environmental. This makes it the perfect option for a wide array of applications serving a multitude of industries. Certified to EN 12469:2000, the HR1200-IIA2D has been verified to provide the required performance when it is needed most.

The unit utilises two highly efficient HEPA exhaust filters and one ULPA downflow filter to facilitate three levels of protection, and also employs energy efficient DC and EC fans as well as LED lights to ensure reduced running costs without compromising on performance.


Safety and Quality Guaranteed:

  • Certified to BS EN 12469:2000.
  • DC fans operate at a lower noise level and ensure better uniformity airflow.
  • Automated UV lamp fitted for sterilisation and minimal downtime.
  • Patented safe airflow disruption system, minimising ‘blind spots’.
  • Visual/audible alarm.


Easy to Clean:

  • Smooth internal surfaces.
  • Dividable work surface facilitates easy removal for sterilisation.
  • Drop-down front glass panel is easily removed for cleaning.
  • Stainless steel rear wall and easy access drain valve.

Ultimate Control & Safety Monitoring System:

  • Clear to view LCD screen displays various control parameters.
  • Multi-functional alarm system includes filter and UV end-of-life alerts.
  • Fully adjustable stand to accommodate user requirements.
  • Pluggable power cable provides added flexibility.

For a full list of product specifications, please see the brochures for both the double exhaust and single exhaust HEPA models below:




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