Laminar flow cabinets are one of the cornerstones of scientific research. They allow operators to conduct experiments or research secure in the knowledge that the air they are breathing is free of any harmful contaminants.

Tecomak Environmental Services now supply the Haier range of laminar flow cabinets to customers across the UK. Here we look at some of the principal advantages they offer.


There’s Plenty of Choice

Haier offer the choice of vertical or horizontal laminar flow cabinets. The former discharge particle-free air down into the work area; the air then leaves the cabinet via an aperture of fixed opening. The latter discharge particle-free air out of the cabinet horizontally, towards the operator. For more information on how the two types work, follow this link.

A horizontal flow may be better if you want as little air turbulence near the work surface as possible; a vertical configuration could offer more protection to the operator, which could be important if your work involves powders or produces soldering fumes.

Tecomak Environmental Services can not only supply a choice of Haier horizontal and vertical flow cabinets, but there are plenty of different specifications within those units as well. For instance, there are variations in physical size, their weight and their power sources. For more details check out the data sheet here.


They are Ergonomically Designed

All the Haier cabinets have a number of features which make life easier for the operator. In all cases the surface is 800mm above the floor, which means that the user can either sit or stand – which could combat fatigue if the operator has a long shift ahead of them.

Haiers all have detachable chassis, which makes installation and disassembly much simpler. They also come with universal caster wheels which means they can easily be moved around if you need to reconfigure your lab space.

You also have full control of the cabinet’s set-up; the Haier range comes with a clear-to-view LCD screen and an integrated memory function which could help save operator time.


They All Have High Safety Standards

The Haier range meets the highest regulatory standards. They are all certified to meet the BS EN 14644-1:2015 Class 5 standard which is recognised internationally, as well as across the UK. This means they can be used in many areas of production and research, including the pharmaceutical, life science, photo-electric and micro-electric industries.

Haier cabinets are all illuminated by ultraviolet lamps, but these don’t come on immediately; the delay in the start-up process will give operators time to don their PPE, potentially helping users avoid exposure to harmful UV rays. The units also have a pioneering pre-cleaning function, so the workspace is automatically clean even before the operator begins their shift.

All Haier cabinets are compatible for use with different grades of HEPA air filters, so the cabinets can be damp-proof, fire-proof and highly efficient at reducing any potentially harmful contaminants.


Laminar Flow Cabinets from Tecomak Environmental Services

As well as supplying Haier units, Tecomak Environmental Services also provide laminar flow cabinet testing services. We can ensure that your cabinet continues to function safely and efficiently, and we will always look to carry out any repairs on the spot rather than book another appointment.

The cabinet doesn’t need to be from the Haier range, nor do you need to have bought it from us; our team of experienced engineers have maintained and repaired many different manufacturers over the years.

If you would like to know more about our range of laminar flow cabinet products and services, you can contact us by following this link and filling in the online form. You can also call us on 01732 852250.