Haier HCB – the highest level of product protection

Featuring the latest technology and certified to ISO 14644-1:2015, Haier Biomedical’s clean bench laminar flow units are suitable for a wide range of clean air applications within various sectors including pharmaceutical, clinical, life science research, photoelectric or microelectronics manufacturing. Available in both 1,400mm and 1,800mm wide models.


Safety and Quality Guaranteed:


  • Certified to BS EN 14644-1:2015, Class 5.
  • Efficient, damp-proof and fire-proof glass fibre HEPA filter, typical efficiency of ≥99.99%. for ≥0.3μm particulate.
  • Utilises the industry’s first innovated pre-cleaning function, pre-cleaning the working area before sample handling to further improve sample/product protection.
  • UV lamp start-up delay time prevents operators from being exposed to potentially harmful ultraviolet light.


Ergonomic Design


  • The working surface is 800mm above the floor and suitable for an operator to stand or sit , allowing for flexible working through the day to reduce operator fatigue and make operations comfortable.
  • The pre-set sterilization function improves productivity. The ultraviolet sterilisation pre-set timer function provides more rest to users and increases worker efficiency.
  • The detachable chassis makes installation and moving convenient. It is equipped with universal casters and adjustable stand with levelling feet for convenient moving and cabinet placement.


Ultimate Control & Safety Monitoring System:


  • Clear to view LCD screen displays various control parameters with durable touch buttons.
  • Integrated memory function for quick set-up and use.
  • Fully adjustable stand with castors to accommodate user requirements.

For a full specification list of both the vertical and horizontal flow options in the Haier range, please consult the table below: