When it comes to chemistry lab design, and indeed all science laboratory refurbishments, Tecomak are specialists with the professional experience, skills and qualifications to provide a one stop service that is ideal in education, as well as in the industry and healthcare sectors.

The Key Attributes of Chemistry Lab Design

Due to the reactive nature of many chemical substances, whether solid, liquid, gas or plasma, chemistry lab design needs careful planning, with consideration needing to be taken to all science laboratory refurbishment elements, as well as specific needs.

Storage – with a definite requirement for specialist storage units, the HSE and COSHH also provide guidance and regulatory requirements for the safe storage of the chemical substances that you may be working with. With a sound understanding of these requirements, coupled with the expertise of our environmental services team, you can rest assured we will guide you to the most appropriate storage systems.

Furniture – your chemistry lab benching needs careful thought, to decide whether pedestal, cantilever or suspended benching would suit your needs best. Often with a need for more rigorous cleaning, suspended benching can be a good option in a chemistry lab refurbishment. The worktops that you choose will also need to be highly chemically resistant. Seating will also need to be considered, together with filing and general-purpose storage solutions.

Ventilation – within industry many chemistry lab environments will require a specialist ventilation system depending upon the operations taking place within them as well as a fume cupboard.

Facilities and services – the laboratory needs water, waste and electricity, and for heating components over a Bunsen burner, gas is essential. These all need to be well planned to ensure maximum usability taking workflow into account.

Fixtures and fittings – as well as your internal decoration, blinds and lighting, your windows and doors, and your ceilings and floors will all need to be addressed as part of the overall design.

Use of space and workflow – planning your layout, research should be undertaken to gain a good understanding of the workflow – the direction of your process together with the way in which people will work and their needs while working within the chemistry lab itself.

Cleaning – the choices you make for your fittings, furniture, as well as the heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) system will depend upon the levels of cleanliness needed for your operation. For example, if you require a spotless, sanitary environment, suspended benching will allow easy cleaning underneath, while specialist ventilation will be required.

Regulatory requirements – having a sound understanding of the standards and guidelines that apply to your industry and ensuring compliance with these is essential. Particularly relevant to chemistry lab design within the education sector is the Government Department of Education and Employment’s Building Bulletin 88 which gives guidance on the legal requirements relating to fume cupboards.

Science Laboratory Refurbishment from Tecomak Furniture Solutions

Including partial science laboratory refurbishments right through to new lab design work, Tecomak Furniture Solutions has the expertise coupled with more than 35 years of experience to allow you to relax, knowing every aspect of your project is being completed by the same company. Allowing us full control of every element of your design and build, our one stop service efficiencies in time and cost, and, especially important in the education sector, gives you the assurance that safeguarding is covered.

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