Tecomak provides full LEV maintenance, testing and repair services for all types of local exhaust system, ranging from those in use in educational establishments to full-scale industrial and research applications.

Ventilation testing and maintenance present an ongoing cost to owners and naturally our clients are interested in any measures that can help to keep these costs to a minimum – while remaining both legally compliant and safe. As one of the first companies in the UK to provide a full range of LEV services, we have a wealth of experience in the field and have developed our systems in a way that combines reduced costs with enhanced safety.

Minimising Visits
By law, all LEV systems must be thoroughly  examined and tested at least every 14 months, but the frequency of local exhaust ventilation testing will depend on the type of installation and process being controlled. We can provide you with advice on this and work out a schedule which will work for you. Our service may include a filter efficiency and condition test, dust level checks, air quality monitoring, LEV COSHH testing and ductwork cleaning.

Scheduling maintenance together with testing means fewer visits overall, thus avoiding unnecessary disruption to your workplace or educational establishment. Our engineers know that your time is important and we make it a priority to get your systems back in action as quickly as possible after carrying out LEV maintenance and testing. Also, because we keep the number of visits down, that means we save our contract clients money as well as time. In addition, with educational clients, we can combine visits to several schools in one area, which again helps to keep down costs.

Multi-skilled Engineers
One of the advantages of taking out a contract with Tecomak is that you won’t have to call on different teams of experts if different problems occur with your local ventilation systems. We are able to handle all types of diagnosis, electrical and mechanical, and we also have the engineering ability to carry out repairs in same visit, without the need to wait for another trade. Our LEV service includes replacement of ductwork where this is necessary. This all saves you time, which means less disruption and fewer associated costs.

Flexible Visit Times
We are aware that local exhaust systems can be constantly in use, so switching these systems off is likely to cause problems with workflow and production, as well as scheduling lessons or lectures at an educational establishment. Our teams of engineers are therefore always willing to work around these demands and if required we can time ventilation system maintenance to occur when equipment is not in use.

For instance, we can visit overnight, at weekends, or during school holidays or shutdowns at a factory or research lab. This minimises any disruption to production or students’ curriculum requirements.

Minimising Breakdowns
In an industrial setting, breakdowns mean loss of production or disruption to projects, all of which have cost implications. A system failure can be equally serious in an educational establishment, meaning that valuable teaching or research time is lost. Hospital ventilation systems are also obviously vital for health reasons and compliance with legislation.

In any of these settings, a ventilation maintenance service which is designed to minimise breakdowns is therefore a good way to prevent much bigger costs and problems. The contract service we offer is designed to ensure your equipment keeps working, saving on disruption and all the associated costs. We carry out regular checks of ductwork and all other components to spot any potential problems before they occur. We also buy spares and replacements in bulk to ensure we have them available as required and to keep down the price to you.

Fixed Price Contracts
A contract with Tecomak can be fixed up to 5 years, which means that costs are predictable and can be budgeted for more easily. We provide free telephone consultation to our clients and can provide emergency callouts as required.

Admin Savings
Record-keeping is an essential but time-consuming task for anybody who has sensitive equipment such as LEV systems. We can take this job out of your hands, as we keep an asset database for contract clients and provide automatic reminders for LEV maintenance and testing visits, plus archiving of documentation. This means saving in-house resources from having to spend the time needed to keep track of all these requirements.

If you would like to find out more about checking that your ventilation system is in good working order and arranging an LEV testing and maintenance contract, contact us to find out more about our services. Tecomak have more than 30 years of experience and would be glad to give you the benefit of our expertise, answering any technical queries that you may have and advising on any changes that may be needed at your site.

If you would like to know more about the LEV maintenance services offered by Tecomak Environmental Services then follow the link for more information.