When it comes to science lab design, an integrated solution supplied solely by the same company makes absolute sense. From planning your initial requirements through to design, manufacture and installation, as well as compliance testing, with Tecomak Furniture Solutions you will benefit from an extensive science lab design service, backed up by more than 40 years of relevant skills and know-how.

With experience designing labs for a wide range of applications and user types, Tecomak can design labs for the full spectrum of needs, including:

Education establishments – design for science labs through ICT and food technology to general teaching needs

Industry – including clean room requirements

Healthcare – hospitals, operating theatres, containment laboratories and more

Factors to Consider in Science Lab Design

When designing a science lab there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to maximise functionality, legal obligations and, of course, cost efficiency.

Furniture – while at first glance a lab may not seem to have many furniture requirements, your science lab benching needs careful thought, to decide whether pedestal, cantilever or suspended benching would suit your needs best. Seating will also need to be ordered, as well as storage and filing solutions.

Ventilation – whether you need general ventilation or a specialist system will depend upon your operations, and this will need to be well planned. Fume cupboards should also be incorporated at this stage, and all have regulatory considerations to take into account too.

Specialist equipment – depending upon your operations you may need to choose from a range of safety cabinets for differing types of chemicals, as well as fridges, freezers, heaters and other lab supplies.

Facilities – often with the need for supplies of water and waste, as well as electricity and gas these need to be well thought out to ensure maximum usability taking workflow into account.

Fixtures and fittings – from your windows and doors, through to your ceilings and floors, as well as your shading and lighting requirements and decorating needs, fixtures and fittings are an essential element of your finished design.

Use of space and workflow – research should take place to ensure a thorough understanding of the workflow, as well as people and equipment needs, such as the requirement for a wet bench or dry bench, a fume cupboard and its placement, as well as air flow issues relating to areas of high or low movement.

Cleaning – your choice of furniture, fixtures and fittings, as well as heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems will all depend upon the levels of cleanliness required for your operation. A clean room environment, for example, may benefit from suspended benching, allowing easy cleaning underneath.

Regulatory requirements – knowing the standards and guidelines that apply to your industry and complying with these within your lab design and layout is essential.

Tecomak’s Science Lab Design Service

Offering a truly complete service for your science lab design, with Tecomak you will benefit from decades of experience across the range of industries, so whether you need us to design your lab from scratch, or if you’d like us to work from an existing design, we will take the time to fully understand your operational requirements and guide you through functionality and regulatory recommendations.

Our service starts when we receive your enquiry, and we will come to visit your site and discuss your needs with you or your facilities manager.

From here we will complete and agree with you our technical drawing, both in 2D and 3D so that you can begin to visualise your finished laboratory. Here we can also specify any specialist ventilation systems if needed drawing upon the expertise of our environmental services team who can cater for your clean air requirements including air flow.

Once the plans have been agreed we will issue you with a quote, and if changes to the design are needed at this stage, the drawings and quote will be revisited and reissued to you.

Upon receiving your order, we will begin to schedule our programme of work and order parts so that we can begin any manufacture needed.

Once all elements of your laboratory are with us, we will start work at your site, engaging in regular meetings with you to review progress and any alterations that may be needed. With Tecomak, you can rest assured too that all works, from installing the laboratory furniture, fixtures and fittings, through to mechanical and electrical services, will be carried out by our fully qualified and professional in-house team.

When works have been completed, we will allow you time to settle into your laboratory so that you can let us know of any snagging issues that we will rectify if they arise.

At every stage we will keep your regulatory requirements in mind, and our environmental services division can provide testing and certification of specialist ventilation systems if required.

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