There is no such thing as a ‘standard’ classroom – as well as differences in the size and shape, each space usually has to accommodate different types of lessons and variations in the pupil numbers as well.

As experts in science lab refurbishment, Tecomak Furniture Solutions provide a range of both suspended and pedestal furniture to help schools make the most effective use of classroom space. Here we look at the advantages offered by both types.


If hygiene is a primary consideration in the classroom, then suspended furniture is the better option. This is because all storage units are attached to a steel framework, which forms the worktops and legs. This creates more space at floor level, which is helpful if the floor needs to be regularly cleaned, or there is a high risk of spillages.


Once pedestal furniture benching is in place, you can’t move it, whereas with suspended furniture a degree of flexibility can be built into the design. If you add castor wheels to suspended furniture, then you can move it around. This is handy if you want to alter the layout during the lesson, or you need to move any items to a different classroom.

In most schools which teach science, however, worktops and desks need to stay in the same place, because of the overall design of the classroom and the position of the utilities such as heating, lighting and electricity.

Overall Space

With pedestal lab furniture, you can fit more storage into the same space, as fixed cabinets can be fitted under the worktops. This means it is an extremely efficient use of space, which is important for classrooms which need to leave plenty of room for pupils and teachers to move about.

For instance, a lesson may involve a mix of group and individual work, while the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act mean you must leave enough space for wheelchair users as well.


Both types of furniture are extremely strong and are built to last. In the case of pedestal furniture, although there is no separate support structure, the cupboards lie underneath the worktops and sinks, so there is plenty of built-in strength.

All the metalwork in Tecomak’s range of suspended lab furniture is coated with an epoxy powder, which provides protection against corrosion and harmful chemicals.


This is an extremely important factor for many schools, whose budgets mean they have to make every penny count. The steel framework which forms an essential part of suspended furniture means that it works out more expensive compared to most wood and MDF pedestal options.

Suspended and Pedestal Furniture from Tecomak Furniture Solutions

Tecomak Furniture Solutions are specialists in science lab refurbishment. We can meet all your needs, whether you decide to opt for pedestal or suspended furniture. We provide a single point of contact for any classroom design contract, so you don’t have to deal with a lot of different traders.

We have more than four decades of experience of supplying science furniture for State and private schools, and understand the particular challenges that classrooms offer, and the need to operate within an agreed budget. All our work complies with the latest regulations, including the Disability Discrimination Act.

If you would like to know more about our ranges of suspended and pedestal furniture, simply follow this link or call us on 01732 852250.