In order to ensure adequate protection to exposed pharmaceutical product and minimise contamination within a cleanroom environment, airflow patterns are all important.

Using a pharmaceutical grade smoke chemical (Glycerine BP grade and pure water) Tecomak can carry out airflow visualisation in your cleanroom and other controlled environments to:

  • Confirm design and performance specifications of a controlled environment or space.
  • Assist in fault finding in areas where excessive contamination has been detected.
  • Observe effect on unidirectional airflow of operator interventions into controlled environment enclosures such as fill lines etc.

During airflow visualisation, the smoke is dispersed via custom made sparge pipes at suitable positions within the space / enclosure. The airflow patterns are digitally recorded and include an information board with a unique test ID. Where necessary and appropriate, a black background may be applied to walls and floors to maximise the visibility of the smoke.

The video footage is downloaded to a portable storage device during the testing for immediate viewing, analysis and acceptance by your Quality Department.

Following completion, all footage is saved to a DVD for inclusion in your test protocol; alternatively a full test report including cleanroom certification and qualitative assessment can be issued.