Tecomak offers a complete HTM compliance support package to NHS and private sector hospitals to ensure operational conformance with Health Technical Memorandum 03-01, ‘Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises’.

Key Features of Our HTM Compliance Service

  • Our engineers are unique in having:
    • Specific NHS approved training.
    • HSE approved competence to test LEV systems (BOHS P601 qualified).
    • Professional qualifications to validate cleanroom facilities.
    • Mechanical and electrical skill base to rectify faults as they are found.
  • Competitive rates achieved by combining inspection and maintenance contracts across departments.
  • We produce professional reports, archived for 5 years and re-issued free of charge.

Our expertise covers all forms of hospital ventilation to ensure we provide a complete service solution.

Systems Requiring HTM 03-01 Compliance

HTM 03-01 requirements apply to any system where failure or degradation of the system would have a serious impact on the ability to deliver safe healthcare. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Operating theatres of all kinds
  • Isolation rooms or units
  • Intensive care and high dependency units
  • Neonatal care units
  • Containment Level 3 and 4 laboratories
  • Aseptic facilities
  • Sterile services units
  • Imaging technology facilities such as MRI and CAT

HTM 03-01 specifies that all such critical ventilation systems should be inspected quarterly and verified at least annually. The annual verification requires a high level of competence and training to ensure that minimum standards are being maintained as appropriate to the application, and that the system is generally fit for purpose and performing at an acceptable level. Compliance verification involves a number of detailed measurement and checks including air volumes and air change rates, room pressure differential, cleanliness of diffusers and pressure stabilisers and effective door closure, which all need to be carried out by skilled professionals to ensure accuracy and consistency. More detailed information regarding HTM compliance can be downloaded here: Information Sheet S3 – HTM 03-01: Annual Inspection and Verification