Tecomak Environmental Services can provide complete service solutions to ensure hospital ventilation systems are maintained and routinely inspected to ensure compliance with current legislation and the guidance of HTM 03-01.

The Requirement:

The Workplace, Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations Approved Code of Practice 1992 requires that “Mechanical ventilation systems (including air conditioning systems) should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure that they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air and cause health problems.”

HTM 03-01 Part B: Operational management and performance verification (2007) requires that all ventilation systems are subject to at least an annual inspection and critical ventilation systems should be inspected quarterly and verified at least annually. The cleanliness of critical systems (AHU and ductwork hygiene) must be assessed as part of the annual verification in-line with Appendix 1. Section 5.18 – 5.25 provides clear guidance on ventilation system cleaning.

As part of a hospital’s infection control strategy, ductwork internal surfaces must be cleaned regularly. If ductwork cleaning is neglected, there will be a build-up of dust and dirt – a mixture of organic compounds including a high proportion of skin and hair – which are valuable nutrients for micro-organisms. These can easily become airborne and transmitted to patients.

Ventilation Hygiene Assessments:

To ensure compliance with HTM 03-01 we provide a comprehensive ductwork inspection, survey and testing service tailored for the Healthcare market that includes:

  • Visual examination and reporting including photographic records
  • Dust and Microbiological sampling
  • Indoor air quality measurements
  • Robotic video cameras and endoscopic inspections
  • Third party analysis
  • BS&ES TR 19 Deposit thickness tests
  • Airborne and surface contact biological sampling
  • Fungi, aspergillus and MRSA testing.
  • Kitchens extract system fire risk assessments.

Tecomak is an audited member of B&ES and works to the B&ES Guide to Good Practice, TR/19 (2nd edition 2013) ‘Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’.

Ventilation System & Ductwork Cleaning:

Tecomak offers a full range of ductwork hygiene services using the latest technology and current best practice including:

  • Cleaning and sanitisation of Air Handling Units.
  • Deep cleaning of supply and extract ductwork cleaning.
  • Kitchen grease extract ductwork cleaning.
  • Cleaning of air intakes and discharges
  • Installation of inspection hatches.

Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning

Tecomak offer deep cleaning services for kitchen extract canopies, ductwork and fans. We find extract canopies and grease filters are kept clean but often the rest of the system is overlooked.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires by law the person responsible for the business premises must carry out a fire risk assessment and implement and maintain a fire management plan. Putting in place regular kitchen duct and ventilation cleaning will help to satisfy this law and remove the most common cause of fires within the kitchen.

The Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) TR/19 Standards provide recommendations on service intervals for kitchen duct cleaning. Many insurance companies are now stipulating that an accredited company must carry out ventilation cleaning in order to validate insurance policies.


Hours a Day

Service Intervals


2 – 6



6 – 12



12 – 16


B&ES TR/19 – Recommend Ventilation Cleaning Service Intervals

Before and after each cleaning service we take TR/19 wet film thickness gauge measurements. This offers a means of verifying the necessary service frequency and photos are included with the report.