Tecomak Environmental Services provide indoor air quality testing for schools, colleges, universities, research laboratories and healthcare locations.


Why Indoor Air Testing is Important?

If indoor air is of poor quality, then it could pose a risk to human health. This could come in the form of an infection or an allergic reaction, or the discomfort caused by high or low temperatures, noxious smells and irritants which typically affect the eyes, skin and lungs.

The atmosphere could be contaminated by micro-organisms, gases, vapours, dust or smoke.

These could be introduced via the air conditioning or other handling or treatment units. They could also be generated by processes carried out within the room – such as chemical experiments – or be present in the furniture, building materials, or on internal surfaces such as tables and desks.


Indoor Air Quality Testing from Tecomak Environmental Services

Tecomak Environmental Service’s standard indoor air quality testing will identify common contaminants and the extent to which they are present in the atmosphere. These include carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, plus any airborne fungi and bacteria. We will also measure the room’s temperature and relative humidity.

Our tests can also include other potential contaminants such as ozone, (unstable oxygen or O3), nitrogen dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and total dust particulates if required.

Once we have measured the air’s overall hygiene and comfort levels, we will let you know the results, and issue advice if you need to take any remedial action to improve it.


Regulatory Compliance

All these test results are compared to current recommended occupational and workplace exposure limits.

These include those laid down by the Health and Safety Executive (particularly relating to the HSE EH 40/02 Occupational Exposure Limits, the HSE EH 40/05 Workplace Exposure Limits, and the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations of 1992).

We also comply with the regulations laid down by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality Testing


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